Thank you to all the members that attended out First Chili Cook Off. Eight mermbers cooked up their favorite chili recipe. "And the winner is" our own Mr. It, Ken Penge. Excepting the honor is Ken's wife Janice.

Matt Wiesbrock
January 2014 Speaker, Matt Wiesbrock,
Windy City Invitational (Racing Pigeons)

Feb 2014 Speaker, Annette Prince,
Chicago Bird Collision Monitors


Nancy Carroll Jason Crean

March 2014 Speaker, Nancy Carroll, Hummingbirds
– Our Flying Jewels


April 2014 Speaker, Jason Crean, Recipient of the
2009 Presential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching,
2010 High School Science Teacher of the Year by the
American Association for Advance Science
, as well as
awards from the National Science Teachers Association,
National Association of Biology Teachers, and Illinois
Science Teachers Association.
picture coming soon

Jason pictured at the GCCBC Rescue where he has give presentations in proper bird nutrition, Benefits of Tea, and more.


May 2014 Speaker, Karla Paschon, Dog Trainer,
from Paws 4 Positive Training
(picture not available)

Picture coming soon  
June 2014 Speaker ,Ron , Willowbrook Wildlife Center on “Living with Coyotes”  

OPEN HOUSE: Dr. Ness Exotic Wellness Center,
1007 Maple Ave, Lisle, IL, on Saturday, May 17, 2014

Those Were the Days Radio Players West at the shelter on Sunday, May 18, 2014, at 2 pm, which included a program by Fibber McGee and Molly (that has a bird theme), Abbott and Costello, and Suspense.

GCCBC President, Alice Blayney (L) and Jamie Le Blank-Huss, Assistant Zoo Director of the Washington Park Zoo carefully pack up 21 parakeets donated to the zoo for its special Australian Avian Adventure exhibit. The parakeets will fly free among hundreds of others in a 20'x60' aviary, where visitors are welcome to walk through and entice a personal visit from a parakeet with a purchased popsicle stick covered with seed!


August 2014 Guest Speaker:

A BIG Thanks to Mary Grabowski, DVM
for her educational talk on Parrot Nutrition at our August Membership Meeting. Mary dispelled common myths of what is good and bad for our birds and she even provided a favorite recipe for bird bread.

Mary's Practice is the Northwest Exotic Veterinary Clinic is located in Streamwood, IL. nwexoticvet.com - nwexotic@gmail.com







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