The GCCBC Bird Rescue & Adoption Center Wish List:

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Metal Garbage Cans 
50 Gal. Trash Bags
30” Push Broom (soft bristle)
1 Gal. Pressure Sprayer/Mister
20 Gal. Bucket (floor mopping)
Electric Power Washer
20” Box Fans & 20” Furnace Filters
48” Full Spectrum Light Bulbs
Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Tissue, & Hand Sanitizer


GCCBC Bird Rescue
& Adoption Center
Shelter Hours: Fri, Sat, Sun, Tue, Wed from 10 am - 2 pm.
Closed on Monday
and Thursday

204 S. Villa Avenue, Villa Park, Illinois 60181 VIEW MAP (pdf)


The Shelter is part of the Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club, a non-for-profit 501c3 organization, providing a home for various types of birds; including Doves and Finch as well as all size and types of Parrots. The club is comprised of pet owners and breeders dedicated to improvement of and public education of caged birds.

Volunteers are always needed to assist in the care and socialization of the birds, And, of course, these birds all need good HOMES.
Financial support is also greatly appreciated and may be made directly to the shelter or through the "PayPal" button on the home page of this website. Your donation is tax-deductible.

In addition to cash donations, the shelter offers some items at a donation price to support the shelter. These items include bird cages (gently used), toys, bird seed, and more. Larger contributions such as Memorial gifts are accepted and are tax deductible. To view more details, please view our "Links" page. (Please see our Wish list on the left side of this page.)

Open to the public, all are welcome to stop by the shelter during our business hours or attend our club meeting on the third Friday of each month which starts at 8 pm, and view the lovely birds - from parakeets to macaws. Occasionally, special events are held at the shelter. Be sure to keep checking our website to see what is happening! To see a list of current birds available for adoption please visit Adopt-a-pet.

Eligibility: GCCBC offers adoption of birds to all who
meet our program criteria.

Non-members are eligible* to adopt birds as soon the bird enters the adoption program. There are many wonderful birds available! If you are not currently a member, you will have to meet certain criteria, such as providing a Vet reference, and submitting to a home visit depending on the type of bird you are applying for. More rules and regulations will be posted very soon.

Members interested in adopting a bird must meet the knowledge and facility requirements deemed appropriate by the Adoption Committee. They will be made aware of any special needs of the bird prior to the adoption. Members become eligible to adopt at the member price after 3 months* for smaller birds and after 12 months for larger birds*.

APPLY for adoption:
2015 ADOPTION FORM (fill out and email to


*The Adoption Chair and Adoption Decision Committee reserves the right to refuse adoption to any member or non-member based on adoption application responses.

DID YOU KNOW....We can board your birds?

The boarding fees are as follows:

$10 a day for large cage

$7.50 a day for medium cage

$5.00 a day for small cage.

A maximum of two birds to each cage.
For more information, visit the shelter or email one of the following: or,

Major Gifts

As a not -for -profit organization, all charitable contributions made to Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club are tax deductible. For those who wish to acknowledge the organization an annual basis or with a more substantial major gift or bequest. checks should be made payable and sent to Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club 204 South Villa Ave Villa Park Illinois, 60181. For more information on making a gift please call (630) 640 4924.

Memorial or Remembrance Gifts

From time to time, families ask how they can financially acknowledge the role Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club has played in their lives. The passing of a loved bird or family member that has cared for birds themselves.Tax-deductible gifts can be made to Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club Remembrance Fund along with a picture of the Bird and or loved one. We will notify you when your recognition will appear on our WEB page, but not the amount you have donated. You will receive recognition that someone has honored him or her and has helped our not-for-profit organization continue our dedication to the care, rescue and adoption of companion birds. For more information please call (630) 640-4924.

**Part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please check with your tax advisor.